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Step 1. Click LOGIN Menu. Create an account if you don't have one.

Step 2. Click STORE Menu.

Step 3. Click Add To Crates button.

Step 4. Select Classification option.

Step 5. Type the quantity of your order.

Step 6. Click Add to save to crates.


Step 1. Click Cart icon in Menu.

Step 2.Select PACKAGING option.

Step 3. Select SHIPPING option

Step 4. Click Checkout button

Our Partners

Led by Engr. Sancho A. Mabborang, Regional Director for insight at the early discussion and funding for the development of and provision of transports packaging thru ITDI Design. The PSTC NV for system recommendations and improvement, monitoring and provision of 2 staffs on its early operations.

Developed this online system by its esteemed developers: Mr. Ian Kim Seligbon (Team Leader), Mr. Percival Labog, and Mr.. Ryan Bautista. Its President, Dr. Andres Z. Taguiam committed to host in their server this platform. VP Wilfredo DumaleJr. Actively monitoring and pushing the development of the operations.

The PLGU Nueva Vizcaya Headed by Governor Carlos M. Padilla as the policy maker in direction setting of development of this company. The convenor of setting up this platform specially for the resource inventory of the system, the “Farms”.

A logistic company tapped to provide handling of orders of customers and to transport into their doorsteps. This company operates for now in the province of Nueva Vizcaya with registered single motor, Tricycle, jeep and vans.